General Concept of a Cat

Hi! I'm the general concept of a cat. The vague idea of a feline. The widespread theory of Feldae.

About Me

I am a sfw furry artist from the United States of America.
I make art, comics, and sometimes, music.Nothing makes me happier than other people enjoying my work.


Can I draw your ocs?
Yes! Please do! Just ping me when you do, I really love fan art
Can I kin your ocs?
Sure! I'm totally fine with kins! just don't be weird about it.
Can I draw NSFW of your ocs?
Can I make my own chromacat?
I would prefer you didn't without my permission.
Can I dub your comics?
Sure! Just give credit.


Thank you for your interest! There are some rules you need to follow when commissioning me.

  • You must pay the amount in full before the commission is finished

  • You may not use my art for AI training or NFTs.

  • You must credit me when using my art

  • Unless specified otherwise, you may not use my art for commercial gains.

  • If you bought a character design from me, wheather it be adoptable or custom, you may not sell that design for more than you paid for it unless you have extra art attacthed to it.

Things I won't draw

  • mech

  • excessive gore

  • nsfw

  • fetish